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About Us

Landneminn is a website with teaching material in community education for adult immigrants in Iceland.

The Ministry of Social Affairs assign the Directorate of Labour the task of creating a holistic teaching material in community education for adult immigrants in Iceland. The preparation of the study material was allotted to Mímir. Eyjafilm took care of photographs and videos. Stefna ehf created the website to host the material.

Extensive consultation was carried out with the members of the Directorate of Labour’s refugee department, as well as other stakeholders, who read the material over and made comments. The main stakeholders were the Directorate of Labour, the Icelandic Red Cross, the Reykjavík City Welfare Department, the Multicultural and Information Center, The Icelandic Confederation of Labour (ASÍ), the Primary Care of the Capital Area, the Association of Icelandic Municipalities, Þroskahjálp - Iceland’s National Association of People with Intellectual Disabilities, and the Icelandic Human Rights Centre. People belonging to the target group and others with a foreign background were also consulted for ideas on the subject.

According to the syllabus, it is assumed that the teaching of the material takes place in 50 hours. It is impossible to cover every part of living in Iceland in a single course, however, the students should be ready to seek more knowledge on their own and be ready to consult the website and additional material for support. The aim is for students to receive teaching in their native language and the teaching material is already available in nine languages. The number of languages ​​will certainly increase over time.

Community education for adult immigrants is a very important task and it is in everyone’s interest that the project is a success. The project will be dynamic and constantly evolving. It is thorough and comprehensive, and the aim is for the material to be straightforward and contain accurate information.

Community education shall have the starting point that the need for information is bilateral. The Icelandic authorities want to provide certain information regarding Icelandic society and in turn immigrants need and want information about their new abode.

The purpose and goal of this community education is:

  • To gain knowledge of important historical, social, economic, cultural, legal, and political conditions in Iceland - and to be able to discuss these conditions.
  • To gather knowledge about rights, opportunities and responsibilities in Icelandic society - and how to use this knowledge in daily life.
  • To be able to discuss fundamental values ​​and challenges in Icelandic society. Democracy, equality and human rights – and to express own’s one view of these issues.

Suggestions and inquiries regarding this teaching material can be directed to the Directorate of Labour:

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